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VeraForm® Proving Itself Across Multiple Imaging Platforms

Tomosynthesis imaging is a critical technology in the treatment of breast cancer and 3-D intraoperative specimen imaging is state-of-the art. The MOZART® System from KUBTEC Medical Imaging stands alone as it identifies the exact location of three dimensional objects such as tumors and localization devices inside breast cancer specimens. The VeraForm adaptable tissue marker is a radiopaque, continuous, 3-D marker that is highly visible in imaging such as Mozart and beautifully demonstrates the synergy between a three dimensional imaging system and tissue marker.

Kubtec recently posted a compelling case of a full mastectomy, 45mm thick, that included VeraForm in the specimen. In a traditional 2-D image, VeraForm can be seen in the specimen, but the ascertaining the exact position and orientation is more challenging. Using tomosynthesis, the Mozart shows the specimen in 1mm digital slices, giving a much clearer view of the location of the target. The video here clearly demonstrates how the Mozart shows the multiplanar placement of VeraForm precisely throughout the slices 14mm - 18mm from the anterior surface of the specimen. For mastectomies or lumpectomies, the Mozart is incredibly accurate for real-time assessment of surgical specimens in the OR and VeraForm is the best marker for true, continuous 3-D depiction . To learn more about the MOZART System, visit

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