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On April 4th, we were very excited to announce the collaboration between Videra Surgical and MIM Software Inc., a market leader in imaging solutions for Radiation Oncology. The integration of VeraForm® into existing MIM software allows for rapid contouring of the tumor bed as marked by  VeraForm and represents a step toward automation, standardization and improved workflow for radiation therapy planning and treatment for breast cancer.

(Please see the press release under our Articles, News & Events Tab)

The Full Story


What It Means

Given the unique properties and continuous pattern of the VeraForm marker, the MIM software is able to rapidly detect and auto-contour around the area marked as tumor bed.  This capability is facilitated by VeraForm, the only marker able to provide this capability.  This should drastically improve workflow efficiency for radiation oncologists planning for RT treatment for breast cancer

How To Access

This capability is available at no extra cost and is part of standard, current service contracts that MIM offers.   A small patch is downloaded and easily loaded, after which the Videra logo button is added to the software, which enables the contouring around VeraForm

To inquire about receiving this capability, please email:

Please note that a VeraForm marker must be placed in the patient in order for this capability to be available.  If you would like to learn more or have Videra contact your breast surgeons, please email:

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