Videra Surgical is an oncology surgical company, focusing on breast cancer treatment.

Videra is committed to improving the lives of breast cancer patients who undergo radiation therapy following lumpectomy. 

Joe Guido

Joe is the CEO of Videra Surgical which he founded in July 2018. Joe has served in a variety of leadership roles for over 27 years in the medical device space for industry leaders and startups, including domestic and international strategy, business development, marketing and commercial execution.  More recently, Joe served as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Invuity Inc. (acquired by Stryker), Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Hansen Medical (acquired by Auris Surgical Robotics) and Vice President Sales and Marketing at Novare Surgical (acquired by Intuitive Surgical).

Alex Vayser

Alex Vayser is the Chairman of Videra Surgical which he founded in July 2018.  Alex is  a serial entrepreneur who has  25 years experience in medical and technology incubation, clinical  and corporate development and intellection property portfolio management. Most recently, Alex was the founder of Invuity (acquired by Stryker) and the inventor of over 95 granted U.S. and foreign patents. 

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VeraForm is 510(k) cleared (IYE indication) by the FDA as a surgical implant to accurately visualize and constitute the reference frame for stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy target localization.  In addition, the markers are indicated in situations where tissue needs to be marked for future medical procedures such as IMRT/IGRT

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