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Press Release: Study Indicates Superiority of VeraForm Over Clips During Breast Cancer Surgery

A press release was issued today, announcing the publication of an independent study demonstrating the superiority of the VeraForm® marker over surgical clips in a series of patients who had undergone both standard lumpectomies, as well as lumpectomy with reduction and oncoplastic reconstruction.

PRESS RELEASE • JUL 24, 2023 09:00 EDT

SAN FRANCISCO, July 24, 2023 ( - A recent peer-reviewed study published in the American Journal of Clinical Oncology demonstrates tumor bed delineation superiority of Videra Surgical's VeraForm® marker versus surgical clips for targeting breast cancer radiotherapy treatment following breast-conserving surgery.

Post-surgical radiation therapy is a typical treatment course for many breast cancer patients undergoing lumpectomy. Accurate position and shape of the tumor bed is critical for optimal delineation of volume during the radiation boost. As surgical clips are most commonly used to mark the tumor bed cavity, the study compared tumor bed delineation using clips versus VeraForm. Clips are often suboptimal for tumor bed identification, are frequently displaced and often require radiation oncologists to interpolate the borders of the tumor bed.1 "This is the first peer-reviewed study to perform a head-to-head comparison of VeraForm versus standard surgical clips evaluating interobserver variability. The analysis shows that VeraForm consistently outperformed clips in the setting for both standard lumpectomies, as well as lumpectomy with reduction and oncoplastic reconstruction," said co-author Dr. Jaraslaw Hepel, Director, Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Radiosurgery, Lifespan Cancer Institute and Rhode Island Hospital.

The improved performance of VeraForm during oncoplastic reconstruction is particularly important, as this technique continues to gain popularity among breast cancer surgeons, serving to maintain oncological effectiveness with optimized cosmetic results and improved quality of life outcomes for patients.

"The results of this study are clinically meaningful, as VeraForm consistently outperformed surgical clips in terms of improved consistency in tumor bed delineation during both standard lumpectomy and complex oncoplastic reconstruction," stated co-author Jennifer Gass, MD, Professor of Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology Brown University, Breast Health Center Director, Care New England Medical Group & Chief of Surgery Women and Infants' Hospital, Providence, RI. "These data suggest the superiority of VeraForm compared with surgical clips in tumor bed delineation."

"This independent, peer-reviewed, study is a major breakthrough in our ongoing efforts to demonstrate the effectiveness of VeraForm," followed Joe Guido, Chief Executive Officer of Videra Surgical. "The majority of breast surgeons place clips in the tumor bed during lumpectomy and such studies can serve to encourage a transition to VeraForm for the largest segment of breast cancer surgeries. We are delighted to see this study's outcome and the positive impact of VeraForm for oncoplastic surgical approaches, techniques designed to deliver better cosmesis and oncological effectiveness for breast cancer patients." The study abstract is found here: 1.

About Videra Surgical Inc. Videra Surgical is an oncology surgery company focused on breast cancer treatment. Videra Surgical strongly believes that helping radiation oncologists better identify the tumor bed is essential for the continuum of care for patients. Videra Surgical developed and commercialized patented VeraForm®, an adaptable tissue marker comprised of a radiopaque filament that provides a continuous, 3D, multi-planar delineation of a tumor bed. VeraForm is FDA 510(k) cleared and has been placed in thousands of patients in a rapidly growing number of centers in the United States. Visit

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