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Breast Cancer Patients

When lumpectomy is recommended for your breast cancer, very often radiation therapy will be part of the course of treatment.  During surgery when the lump is removed, it is often considered best practice for the surgeon to mark the cavity to assist the radiation oncologist when they later deliver therapy. If your surgeon is planning lumpectomy for you, you may want to ask if they will mark the cavity and if VeraForm is right for you.

VeraForm™ is a 3D tissue marker placed when a tumor is removed.  It is a thin, soft, permanent marker that has absolutely no metal and can't be felt like clips or other markers. Easily deployed in minutes by the surgeon, VeraForm provides a 3-dimensional target that can be easily viewed by the radiation oncologist under X-ray and CT imaging and doesn't cause interference with MRI or ultrasound. VeraForm is 510(k) cleared and has been placed in thousands of patients in the U.S. 


Mammography image with VeraForm in place

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