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VeraForm® is a an adaptable radiopaque tissue marker placed in the tumor bed when a lesion is removed.  It is continuous, multi-plane, permanent mark for subsequent radiographic planning and treatment.  Easily deployed in minutes by the surgeon, VeraForm provides a 3-dimensional target that can be viewed by the radiation oncologist under X-ray and CT, without resultant artifact in MRI or ultrasound. 

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VeraForm can be adapted to the demands of the patient’s anatomy.  A simple pattern can be created using as much or as little material as needed, leaving a highly identifiable 3-D mark. 

Benefits of VeraForm

The multi-plane placement of VeraForm creates a 3-D target through a variety of imaging modalities such as X-ray, CT and mammograms

Continuous, 3-D marker

Excellent visibility

Simple to deploy

Customizable to any tumor bed

Patient friendly


Permanent target for imaging and treatment

does not create artifact with MRI, CT or ultrasound

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Highly visible on mammography

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Negligible artifact in MRI and Ultrasound

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