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Videra Announces First Peer-Reviewed Publication

Videra announces first peer-reviewed abstract publication describing the initial use of the VeraForm® adaptable tissue marker in breast conserving surgery.

The journal, Gland Surgery, has just published an original article that describes the use of VeraForm® in early clinical experiences. The article further explains the challenges with tumor bed identification in breast cancer surgery and some of the less-than-optimal modalities employed. This is a multi-center/multi-specialty paper featuring contributions from breast surgeons, radiologist and radiation oncologists from the following institutions: Montefiore Medical Center, The Cleveland Clinic, Columbia Presbyterian, Women & Infants, Mount Sinai-Beth Israel, Northern Arizona Healthcare, The University of Texas San Antonio and The Kearney Breast Center ®.

The abstract can be found here http://gs.amegroups.com/article/view/31074/26378 and is titled:

A novel, adaptable, radiographically opaque, multi-plane continuous filament marker for optimizing tissue identification, radiation planning, and radiographic follow-up Sunny Mitchell1 Henry Lee2 , Beth Baughman DuPree3 , David C. Beyer4 , Michael Ulissey5 , Stephen R. Grobmyer6 Jennifer Gass7 , Susan Boolbol8 , Toni Storm-Dickerson9

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VeraForm is 510(k) cleared (IYE indication) by the FDA as a surgical implant to accurately visualize and constitute the reference frame for stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy target localization.  In addition, the markers are indicated in situations where tissue needs to be marked for future medical procedures such as IMRT/IGRT