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Videra Announces First Peer-Reviewed Publication

Videra announces first peer-reviewed abstract publication describing the initial use of the VeraForm® adaptable tissue marker in breast conserving surgery.

The journal, Gland Surgery, has just published an original article that describes the use of VeraForm® in early clinical experiences. The article further explains the challenges with tumor bed identification in breast cancer surgery and some of the less-than-optimal modalities employed. This is a multi-center/multi-specialty paper featuring contributions from breast surgeons, radiologist and radiation oncologists from the following institutions: Montefiore Medical Center, The Cleveland Clinic, Columbia Presbyterian, Women & Infants, Mount Sinai-Beth Israel, Northern Arizona Healthcare, The University of Texas San Antonio and The Kearney Breast Center ®.

The abstract can be found here and is titled:

A novel, adaptable, radiographically opaque, multi-plane continuous filament marker for optimizing tissue identification, radiation planning, and radiographic follow-up Sunny Mitchell1 Henry Lee2 , Beth Baughman DuPree3 , David C. Beyer4 , Michael Ulissey5 , Stephen R. Grobmyer6 Jennifer Gass7 , Susan Boolbol8 , Toni Storm-Dickerson9

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