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VeraForm® Demonstrating Broad Treatment Applicability

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

After lumpectomy, many clinicians choose to employ a non-invasive brachytherapy technology with real-time mammographic guidance. This platform, AccuBoost®, is used during accelerated partial breast radiation (APBI) or to deliver boost during external whole breast radiation. In either situation, it is critical for the physician to identify the tumor bed for effective delivery of radiation therapy.

There have been a number of lumpectomy procedures where VeraForm was placed during surgery and the patient later received radiation treatment with the AccuBoost technique. In these cases, radiation oncologists subsequently delivering therapy have been very pleased with the easily-identifiable VeraForm marker. Further, images from these AccuBoost procedures demonstrate how clearly VeraForm can be seen, helping to identify the location and the extent of the tumor bed prior to delivering treatment.

Radiation treatment for breast conserving surgery involves various approaches and technologies and VeraForm is demonstrating value as an effective radiopaque marker across broad therapeutic options. Certainly VeraForm is proving to be a synergistic technology to comfortably ensure location of the tumor bed with AccuBoost, a platform showing minimal skin toxicity and dose to healthy tissue while sparing the heart, lungs and chest wall from excessive dose.

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