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Study on VeraForm® Presented at 38th Annual Miami Breast Conference

Updated: Mar 9

50-patient registry study presented by Sunny Mitchell, M.D. highlights ease of use and applicability of the VeraForm® marker in lumpectomy

The Miami Breast Cancer Conference is an annual meeting that brings together multidisciplinary groups of physicians involved in various aspects of breast cancer treatment. At this year's meeting, Dr. Sunny Mitchell presented a registry study that captured the placement of the VeraForm adaptable tissue marker in 50 consecutive patients undergoing breast conserving surgery for DCIS or invasive cancer and the analysis evaluated patient, breast and surgical characteristics.

The following abstract details the findings of placing VeraForm in these patients which was used exclusively to delineate the tumor bed. Some of the highlights include:

- VeraForm was adaptable to a wide range and variety of breast conserving surgeries

- placed in a wide range of incisions

- There were no adverse effects such as pain or infections

- VeraForm placement was in 2 minutes or less on average

- VeraForm was non-palpable and had no adverse effects on cosmetic results

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VeraForm is 510(k) cleared (IYE indication) by the FDA as a surgical implant to accurately visualize and constitute the reference frame for stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy target localization.  In addition, the markers are indicated in situations where tissue needs to be marked for future medical procedures such as IMRT/IGRT

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